Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and with its Selling Partner API, it has opened up new opportunities for businesses to integrate with its platform. The Amazon Selling Partner API is an integration service that allows businesses to access data and functionality from Amazon’s selling platform.

What is the Amazon Selling Partner API?

The Amazon Selling Partner API is a collection of APIs that enable organizations to connect to Amazon's selling platform. It provides real-time access to data. So that you can use it to build new apps, automate operations, and improve existing workflows. The SP API is intended to replace Amazon's existing Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API more efficiently.

The Amazon Selling Partner API includes several APIs that offer different functionalities:
  • Vendor Retail Analytics API: This gives you access to information regarding a vendor’s sales performance, such as sales and inventory data.
  • Brand Analytics API: Provides Amazon retailers and sellers with information about their customers’ purchasing habits, such as search phrases and purchase behavior.
  • Seller Retail Analytics API: Provides Amazon sellers with insights into their performance, including sales and inventory data.
  • Seller Inventory API: Allows Amazon sellers to manage their inventory more efficiently and avoid stockouts.
Can my business access the SP-API?

To access the Amazon Selling Partner API, businesses must be registered as Amazon sellers or vendors. They must also meet specific qualifying conditions, such as having an active Amazon Professional Selling Plan and a strong track record of performance.

Benefits of Selling Partner API
The Amazon Selling Partner API provides several benefits to businesses, including:
  • Real-time access to data: The API gives real-time data access, allowing firms to react swiftly to changes in sales performance and inventory levels.
  • Improved automation: Businesses can reduce labor costs and potential errors by automating processes such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and pricing adjustments.
  • Enhanced customer experience:Businesses can better understand their customers’ wants and preferences by acquiring data about their shopping behaviour and tailoring their services accordingly.
How to Start Using Selling Partner API?
To start using the Amazon Selling Partner API, businesses must first register as Amazon sellers or vendors and meet the eligibility requirements. They must also create an Amazon developer account and obtain API credentials. Once they have their credentials, they can use the APIs to access data and functionality from Amazon’s selling platform.

APIs Within Amazon Selling Partner API Suite
The Amazon Selling Partner API suite includes several APIs that offer different functionalities, including:
  • Orders API: Provides access to order data, including order status, shipping information, and customer details.
  • Catalog API: Allows businesses to retrieve product information, including product titles, descriptions, and images.
  • Fulfillment API: Enables businesses to manage their fulfillment operations, including shipment creation, tracking, and cancellation.
  • Advertising API: Offers access to Amazon’s advertising platform, allowing businesses to manage their ad campaigns and track their performance.
How’s the Selling Partner API different from MWS API?
The Amazon Selling Partner API is designed to be a more efficient and streamlined replacement for Amazon’s older Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API. The Selling Partner API offers several improvements over MWS, including:
  • Faster response times: The Selling Partner API provides real-time access to data, with faster response times than MWS.
  • Better scalability: The Selling Partner API is designed to handle larger volumes of data and requests, making it more scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Improved security: The Selling Partner API offers enhanced security features, including authentication using Amazon Cognito and OAuth 2.0.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Selling Partner API is a powerful integration service that offers businesses real-time access to data and functionality from Amazon's selling platform. By accessing this data, businesses can improve their automation, enhance their customer experience, and gain insights into their sales performance. While the Selling Partner API requires businesses to meet certain eligibility requirements, it offers significant benefits for those who are able to use it.